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Discover the transformative power of SkillsUSA Washington. From timid students finding newfound confidence to uncertain individuals uncovering passions that lead to rewarding careers, our impact resonates across classrooms and industries. Teachers revolutionize their curriculum, connecting students to real-world scenarios, while industry partners benefit from a talent pool of career-ready individuals bridging the skills gap. Every day, across the state, SkillsUSA Washington fosters these moments of growth and change, shaping futures and enriching lives.


SkillsUSA Washington caters to students in middle school, high school, and college/postsecondary chapters statewide, all of which are driven by student leadership. While sharing a common journey towards career readiness, each group requires specific tools and support tailored to their progress.

We provide a range of competitions, events, conferences, programs, and more, designed to nurture personal and professional growth through a customized approach aligned with each educational stage. The outcome? Graduates emerge as adept professionals, poised leaders, and conscientious community contributors.

Discover why joining SkillsUSA Washington stands as one of the most impactful decisions students at any educational level can make.

SkillsUSA Washington serves as the vital link between education and industry, ushering in new avenues for classroom enrichment and growth. By ensuring curriculum aligns with cutting-edge standards, we empower students to remain motivated and engaged, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world applications.

Our initiative cultivates support from administrators and the community, equipping teachers with access to a plethora of ready-to-use educational resources. Above all, we enable teachers to achieve their ultimate goal: witnessing their students flourish as both professionals and individuals who impact the world, much like the teachers who inspired them.

Explore the advantages of becoming a SkillsUSA Washington advisor or learn how to join as a professional member today.

The skills gap poses a significant threat to America’s economic future, with hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions across various highly skilled, well-paying career fields. SkillsUSA Washington stands as a proven solution to this challenge. Partnering with us grants access to a verified talent pipeline comprising career-ready professionals from day one.

Our students possess not only the technical prowess demanded by industry but also the personal and workplace skills that distinguish them as exceptional employees and leaders. By collaborating with SkillsUSA Washington, industry stakeholders can shape classroom curriculum, participate in competitions, foster brand loyalty among students and educators, and actively recruit from the state’s most skilled career and technical education students.

Moreover, SkillsUSA Washington serves as a powerful platform to reshape outdated perceptions surrounding skilled trades careers, igniting enthusiasm and ambition among the next generation to pursue these rewarding and in-demand paths.

Discover the benefits of partnering with SkillsUSA today.

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Success Stories

SkillsUSA Washington has been instrumental in crafting countless success stories across our state. Explore the latest narratives at the SkillsUSA Champions Magazine digital hub, featuring stories of students, teachers, and partners. Delve into spotlights highlighting the remarkable initiatives undertaken by our chapters in local communities, podcasts, the latest news, and much more.


Personal testimonials demonstrating how SkillsUSA Washington transforms lives serve as compelling reasons to consider membership and support. When supplemented with concrete data and statistics, drawn from the reports outlined below, the argument for involvement becomes not just inspiring, but irrefutable. Here, we present some of the latest data correlating SkillsUSA participation—and engagement in career and technical education programs overall—with positive student outcomes.
Student Research Foundation: “The SkillsUSA Advantage”

A 2023 report from the Student Research Foundation shows that SkillsUSA members consistently outperform their peers not enrolled in a career and technical student organization (CTSO) in seven essential areas:

  1. Earning a license or certification related to their field of study
  2. Meeting potential employers
  3. Being excited about their chosen career
  4. Gaining work experience as a student
  5. Understanding the work environment
  6. Being excited about school
  7. Connecting school to the real world

Among the 27,000 high school students surveyed, this “SkillsUSA Advantage” holds true regardless of gender, race/ethnicity or socioeconomic status. SkillsUSA students also reported greater access to expanded opportunities and dramatically improved career-readiness skills.

SkillsUSA Advantage Report
SkillsUSA Advantage Asset Collection

In 2022, the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) released a compilation of statistics related to student involvement in career and technical education programs. Sources included the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Department of Education, and just some of the highlights include:

  • 77% of employers from in-demand industries report hiring an employee because of knowledge and skills gained from their career and technical education experience.
  • Despite millions of job openings around the country, 74% of employers report a persistent mismatch between the skills they need and the skills workers have.
  • High school students in career and technical education programs are more likely to be employed full time and have higher median annual earnings 8 years after graduation.
  • The average high school graduation rate for those involved in career and technical education programs is 94%, compared to the national rate of 85%.
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