SkillsUSA Washington

Become an Industry Partner


Through a partnership with SkillsUSA Washington, industry can:

  • Obtain direct access to a verified talent pipeline of career-ready students.
  • Shape classroom curriculum to ensure it represents current industry standards.
  • Build brand loyalty among our membership of students and teachers.
  • Elevate the perception of the skilled trades statewide, inspiring more young people to pursue these career pathways while encouraging parents, guidance counselors, and instructors to champion those choices.
  • Join our mission to empower students to become skilled professionals, career-ready leaders, and responsible community members.
  • Make a tangible, positive difference in student lives … and in our schools, workplaces, communities and state.
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Partnership Opportunities

Business and Industry partners help by providing guidance and resources to ensure we are meeting the demands of industry.

We have opportunities for partnership in our advisory committees, chairing or judging competitions, sponsoring a session, career clusters, providing travel scholarships to state winners, volunteering at district or state conferences, and much more.

Judge a Competition

We are always looking for judges in industry and leadership.

As a judge, you get to sit down with multiple students throughout the day and watch their skills unfold. It is so important to note, that the students have spent all year working, honing their skills, and becoming a master in their trade. You get to have the first look at that years hard work. They come ready to impress and eager to learn.

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