SkillsUSA Washington

Puget Sound North Region

SLSC 2024


Welcome to the Puget Sound North region, where urban sophistication meets natural splendor. Bordered by the vibrant cities to the south and the tranquil beauty of the Puget Sound to the west, our region is a dynamic hub of innovation and opportunity. As a cornerstone of SkillsUSA, we are dedicated to empowering students throughout Puget Sound North to excel in their chosen pathways. With three coordinators serving our chapters, we provide tailored support to ensure your journey to success. Join us in Puget Sound North, where creativity flourishes and dreams take flight. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for our communities and beyond.


Everyone in the Puget Sound North Region has what it takes to be a SkillsUSA champion. Join us now and seize the moment to showcase your skills.


Teri Bravomejia
Mary Rawlins
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