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SkillsUSA has made the difficult decision to cancel all in-person activities related to NLSC — including our SkillsUSA Championships — and focus on essential organizational leadership opportunities conducted in a virtual setting.Many factors led to this decision, but I’d like to share the two most impactful. First, there is nothing more important to SkillsUSA than the health and wellbeing of our members and stakeholders. With so much yet unknown about this virus and how long it might affect us, we could not in good conscience move forward with an in-person event this June.Second, our national event is dependent on state participation. As of this writing, 27 states have canceled their conferences and would not be participating in our national event even if it was held as planned. Others are basing their decisions on whether or not their school systems reconvene this year, which becomes less likely each day.

SkillsUSA completely supports the difficult decisions our dedicated state directors have made over the last several weeks, and we commend them for their tireless work. Nevertheless, without robust state participation, holding our national conference is simply not a viable option.

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SkillsUSA Washington

SkillsUSA Washington competitors were amazing at the 2019 National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) in Louisville!  NLSC is a showcase of career and technical education students. More than 16,000 people — including students, teachers and business partners — participated in the weeklong event with over 100 different competitions for students to excel in technical, leadership and occupational competitions.

The 2019 Washington Delegation was 169 advisors, contestants and parents.  104 Washington competitors from 36 different schools brought home 12 medals in 66 different contests. 29 of our contestants were in the top ten and 34 earned Skill Point Certificates which is an industry cut score achievement.  We are so proud of our SkillsUSA Washington 2019 competitors!  Congratulations on your accomplishments!

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