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Welcome to a new Year!  This is the perfect year to realize SkillsUSA is so much more than a contest.  We are all developing our framework skills during this pandemic.  Never have adaptability, self-motivation, communication, teamwork, organization and technology skills been more important.  SkillsUSA has developed a new Program of Work Toolkit with lesson plans and activities to support the integration of the Framework into your teachings.  Our Washington State Leadership and Skills Conference will happen this year!  It will definitely look different but we will provide this opportunity for our students to showcase their career skills.  Thanks for all your help implementing our mission!
Important Dates
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SkillsUSA Washington

SkillsUSA Washington recognizes the largest chapter from each region at our State Leadership and Skills Conference.  Congratulations to the following schools!

Elma High School - Olympic Region

Fort Vancouver High School - Southwest Region

Mountlake Terrace High School - Puget Sound North

Newport High School - Eastern Region

Sunnyside High School - Central Region

Thomas Jefferson High School - Puget Sound South

LARGEST Skill Center Membership is Pierce County Skills Center

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