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SkillsUSA Washington has several industry and community partners that provide support for the state, regions, local community and Individual program areas.

SME – SkillsUSA Partnership

SME resources enhance career and technical education (CTE) curricula related to (3) Career Clusters: STEM, Information Technology, and Manufacturing.

The SME resources are NOT curriculum. SME resources are developed exclusively for high school classrooms to allow the students, as well as, the educators to tap into the strengths of SME Membership Network and professional and technical members.

SkillsUSA Educators and Students receive SME Membership at NO COST. The costs of the memberships are supported through business and industry partners of SME

Testout Partnership

TestOut is the leader in online IT and Microsoft Office training. Our LabSim provides students with a broad range of hands-on experience in a safe, simulated environment. Since 1991, we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals acquire the skills they need to progress in their education and careers.


It isn’t enough for students to memorize terms and procedures. To be “Industry Ready,” they need to have the muscle memory and confidence that come from performing actual on the job tasks. We believe this so passionately that every dimension of learning in our courseware is focused on developing skills through experience and practice. Our virtual simulations inside of LabSim give students access to over $100,000 worth of equipment and software to practice on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Central Welding Supply

Central Welding Supply is owned and operated by the Wilton Family, led by Dale Wilton, CEO, and Mickey Wilton, Founder. The company has grown from one small store to a much larger regional distributor serving Washington, Oregon and Alaska, Central Welding Supply has stayed true to its initial objective: Provide the region’s most responsive customer service along with convenient locations and the best products, while holding on to the core values and traditions of a family-owned, family-run, local business.

Central Welding Supply

Central Welding Supply will do a complimentary shop safety inspection for your program - They are a SkillsUSA Washington preferred supplier for our championships. STUDENTS DISCOUNTS AT ALL LOCATIONS: Central Welding Supply offers discounts to student welders at ALL of 27 locations in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Currently enrolled students and recent graduates qualify for the discount. Be sure to ask at the location near you! Visit for more info.

Thank you for your continued partnership Central Welding Supply!