Puget Sound South

Region Representatives:

Our region is bordered by South Tacoma, Puget Sound, I-90, and the Cascade Mountains. As such, we have a total of 3 coordinators to serve you and your chapters:

  • Adam Scroggins – Board Representative, Region Coordinator, Advisor Trainer
  • Gary Milbradt – Technical contest host support
  • Unfilled  – Treasurer & Contest medal distribution

If you are a New Advisor to the Puget Sound South region please contact Adam Scroggins ascroggins@bethelsd.org

Puget Sound South meeting minutes:

Use the link to access a page where you can download PDF’s of the meeting minutes.

2021 SkillsUSA Theme:

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the year is: SkillsUSA: United as One!

National Only Competitions:

  • NLSC Pin and T-shirt Design Challenge (Link)
  • SkillsUSA Week T-shirt Design Contest (Link)
  • Photo Contest (Link)
  • CareerSafe Video Contest (Link)

Regional Competitions:

Competition List:

  • Auto Service –
  • Auto Maintenance –
  • Broadcast News Production –
  • Cabinetmaking –
  • Computer Maintenance (State Only) – Adam Scroggins – ascroggins@bethelsd.org
  • Crime Scene Investigation –
  • Cyber Security – Adam Scroggins – ascroggins@bethelsd.org
  • Digital Cinema Production –
  • Electronics –
  • Information Technology Services – Adam Scroggins – ascroggins@bethelsd.org
  • Nurse Assisting
  • Preventative Athletic Taping
  • Technical Drafting –
  • Telecommunication Cabling – Adam Scroggins – ascroggins@bethelsd.org
  • Television Video Production –
  • First Aid/CPR –
  • Leadership Competitions– Adam Scroggins – ascroggins@bethelsd.org – Feb 12th
    • Extemporaneous Speech
    • Health Knowledge Bowl
    • Health Occupations Portfolio
    • Job Interview
    • Job Skills Demo A
    • Job Skills Demo Open
    • Medical Math
    • Medical Terminology
    • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
    • Pin Design
    • Prepared Speech
    • Quiz Bowl
    • Related Technical Math
    • T Shirt Design

***Please note at state the Interactive Applications and Game Design & Welding Sculpture competitions will be held during leadership competition time. This allows these competitors in these contests to compete in an additional technical competitions.

This year I will be asking for anyone who has students who are interested in taking part in a Technical competition to notify me by November 15th to allow for enough time to set up a quality event. Due to the short turnaround for state competition All Technical competitions will need to be held before February 11th so we need to get the dates and locations set early.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Documents on the process for hosting a competition can be found at (Google Drive )
Regarding Regional Level Contests, individuals may participate in more than one contest.  A student may compete in a combination of (4) Leadership Development Contests or Occupationally Related Contests.  Individuals may participate in as many Technical Contest that fit their schedule (Note: In the event the individual qualifies for state in multiple technical contests, they will have to choose (1) to compete in at state)

Regarding State Level Contests, individuals may participate in more than one contest.  A student may compete in up to three contests.  (1) Technical Science Contest and a combination of (2) Leadership Development Contests or Occupationally Related Contests.  If not participating in a Skill Contest, individuals may participate in a combination of 3 leadership and occupationally related contests.  Individuals may participate in only one Technical Contest.

Region Split is official:

The spit utilizes I-90 as the boundary between the Puget Sound North and Puget Sound South regions. There are a few school districts that are split or boarder I-90 which could make it ambiguous as to which region they belong in. Below is a list of these school districts, and which region they belong in.

Puget Sound North Puget Sound South
Mercer Island Seattle
Issaquah Highline
Snoqualmie Tukwila
Lake Washington Renton
Northshore Tahoma

The biggest affect this will have is on our competitions. Puget Sound North and Puget Sound South will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place officially recognize, and will be separate entities during the selection meeting which determines who gets selected to go to state. The North and South regions will be allowed to host competitions together or separately as long as scoring is recorded as North contestants and South contestants.

An example of this is that the North and South regions will participate in the Regional Leadership competitions together and recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each region.

If there is an official contest in your region, you will not be allowed to go to the other region to compete. If you have any questions on this please contact your region representative in and how to host a contest.

Important Dates:


  • Technical Contests Will be scheduled to take place in January


  • Regional Leadership  Contests


  • State Leadership & Skills Conference (SLSC)


  • National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC)