Welcome to SkillsUSA Washington’s Olympic Region located on some of the youngest land added to the North American continental shelf in the last 57 million years.
Named after the Olympic Mountains, which are nearly in the center of the region’s geographical footprint, the area is world renowned for its temperate and mountain forests, and includes the only rain forest in the continental USA. The forested areas boast an amazing wealth of vegetative and animal diversity.
The first settlement in Washington (then known as the NW Territories) first named New Market (1845) was renamed Tumwater (1847) after the Salish word for strong or tumbling water (Tum-wa-ta). Olympia, the state capital of Washington, is located in the region. Odd fact, the world’s first soft serve ice cream machine was located in Olympia in 1939.

REGIONAL COMPETITIONS: This is constantly being revised as Competition HOST information is determined and communicated to regional coordinator. You must compete in a regional competition to attend SkillsUSA Washington State Leadership and Skills Conference.

Olympic Region Coordinator

Tyler Renz
Email: trenz@eagles.edu