Central Region Coordinators

Betty Palmer
Email: bpalmer@wahluke.net

Joe Dietrich

Email: dietrich.j@wenatcheeschools.org

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Mandatory for ALL Students & Advisers Prior To ANY Levels Of Competition
[ beginning with Regional Competitions ].

MEMBERSHIP DUES: $ 16.00 Per Student & $ 28.00 Per Adviser. One Time payment Per School Year Membership. Register at www.skillsusa.org.  PAYABLE TO: SkillsUSA MAIL TO: SkillsUSA Inc.
14001 SkillsUSA Way, Leesburg, VA 20176

$4.00 Per Student payable to SkillsUSA Washington Central Region.

MEMBERSHIP DUES DEADLINE: Before Regional Competition.  March 1 for State and NLSC.

REGIONAL COMPETITIONS: This is constantly being revised as Competition HOST information is determined and communicated to regional coordinator/s.