Advisor Information

Dear State Advisors,

Thank you for your dedication and countless hours of work on behalf of your students. You are the backbone of our organization and the silent strength we rely on each year to teach and train the students of our CTE classrooms into future leaders.

Call 1-844-875-4557 or email to help join your members or register for CISPUS, State Leadership and Skills Conference and NLSC. Make sure and ask hotline workers if you need assistance creating two invoices - one for ASB and one for CTE.

Remember - you are not registered until YOU "submit" your registrations and create your invoice. The invoice should pop up and also be emailed to you immediately after you register.

SkillsUSA Washington is very proud to announce we have three State Certified Trainers to advise and assist our state Advisors. Adam Scroggins completed training in 2014 and Brandon Hirst and Tyler Renz completed training in 2017. Feel free to contact Adam at:

Pierce County Skills Center

Information you will find in this section:

Program of Work - your comprehensive manual for all things SkillsUSA Washington this year

Chapter Management Information including:

  • Fundraising tips
  • Creating a Program of Work for your Chapter
  • Financial Planning
  • Member Recruitment suggestions and power points