Refer to the Technical Standards Listed below


GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW for the welding portion. Also, an oxy-fuel cut test will be performed. Contestants will be supplied shop prints and materials along with welding consumables. There is an attached tool list for the contestants to bring that should cover all of their needs.

Tools Supplied by the contestant:
a. Hearing and/or ear protection
b. Welding gloves—full length (gauntlet)
c. Welding gloves — appropriate for GTAW
d. Welding cap/beanie
e. Welding helmet with appropriate filter plate/lens and protective cover lens for tacking and welding; auto darkening filter plate/lens permissible. Spare filter plate and cover lens
f. Cutting goggles—with shade 5 lens/cover lens for OFC/PAC; helmet with shade 5 capibility permissible; faceshield head gear with shade 5 permissible. Spare filter and cover lens
g. Pocket calculator
h. Fillet weld gauge—standard set
i. Lead pencil and/or ballpoint pen
j. Soap stone with or without holder
k. Scribe with or without magnet
l. Compass
m. Protractor
n. Combination square set
o. 10-foot (3.1 meters) minimum steel tape measure
p. 16-ounce (.45 kilogram) ball peen hammer
q. Center punch
r. Cold chisel
s. 11R or 10-inch (254 millimeters) vise grips
t. 6-inch (152 millimeters) side cutting pliers or diagonal cutting pliers
u. 6-inch (152 millimeters) needle nose pliers – welpers permissible
v. Chipping hammer
w. Carbon steel wire brush
x. Stainless steel wire brush
y. Friction lighter (striker) and tip cleaner
z. All competitors must create a one-page résumé and submit a hard copy to the technical committee chair at orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10-point penalty.

We are looking for Hosts, Judges and Volunteers for the 2021 State Conference.

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