Telecommunications Cabling


Refer to the Technical Standards Listed below

Telecommunications Cabling

Tool List:

a. Eye protection

b. Hard hat

c. IDC and compression tool necessary to

terminate 8-pin modular plugs

d. Compression tool for use with coaxial

F-style snap and seal connectors

e. Cable preparation tools such as electrician’s scissors, stripping tools,etc.

f. Fish tape

g. Electrical tape

h. Mechanical probe-pic

i. Cable labeling device

j. Volt ohmmeter or DMM

k. Cable wire mapping tester

l. Fiber-optic continuity tester (small flashlight)

m. All competitors must create a one-page résumé and submit a hard copy to the technical committee chair at orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10-point penalty.

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