Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service

SkillsUSA State Conference 2019


Items each contestant should bring:


  • Resume
  • Professional Dress and a Bistro Apron (See Below)
  • 6 cloth napkins for napkin folds



Where: Holiday Inn Hotel Lobby

 802 E Yakima Ave


When: Friday, April 26th


  • Written test will begin at 9:45
  • Uniform Judging
  • Shortly after uniform judging all contestants will do 6 napkin folds for judges.



The contest will run with four contestants at a time. Those that have Leadership in the afternoon will go first. We will be serving real food; Appetizers, salads, bread, soup and desserts along with beverages.


There will NOT be table side service at State.

CLOTHING REQUIREMENT Class H: Contest Specific — Restaurant Service For men: Official SkillsUSA white long-sleeved dress shirt, or long-sleeved plain white collared shirt; black dress slacks with belt; plain black tie with no pattern or SkillsUSA black tie; black socks; shined black leather work shoes. For women: Official SkillsUSA white longsleeved dress shirt, or long-sleeved plain white collared shirt; black skirt (knee-length) or black dress slacks with belt; black socks or black or skin-colored seamless hose; shined black flat heels.

If possible, people to be customers would be greatly appreciated.

Questions can be addressed to Kimberly Miller at or (360)931-0885


Refer to the Technical Standards Listed below


We are looking for Hosts, Judges and Volunteers for the 2021 State Conference.

If you are interested please sign up here!