New Advisor Information

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Welcome New Advisors! #

You have made a fantastic choice to develop your students and hone your skills as a teacher. Your SkillsUSA Chapter is both a key developmental tool for your students and a student recruiting tool for your programs.

Best way to learn the ropes? Connect with your regional Coordinator and see about getting connected with a SkillsUSA experienced Advisor.

How can SkillsUSA support you?  If you need a template to help with your program of work, here is a sample.  Also refer to our Washington State Program of Work.

Connection to other teachers in your field. Most of us are the only instructor in our building in our field, if not the only one in our district. Need help or suggestions on a lesson plan? Reach out. We are here to support each other.

Recruitment. A class that isn’t recruiting students quickly disappears in our world. Happy, engaged students bring in their friends and all the underclassmen. Fastest way to engage students? Build an active chapter – all it takes is 3-4 students to start, sign on 3 more, set a fun-filled calendar and you have an active chapter. Invite all your classes and they will bring more students to you in future.

Resources. No Need to recreate the wheel! Whether you need an interesting 5 minute review lesson plan, bullet proof sub plans for the poor English or language arts certified sub who got your class when you called in sick, chapter activity planners (so the students can do it WITHOUT constant babysitting), or a way to discuss the moral and ethical dilemmas that come with a real life of working, we have a resource for that. Sure, you can do it all again by yourself, but who has the time?

What do you need to do to join?  Go to