Competition Operating Policies

SkillsUSA Washington Competition Operating Policies


SkillsUSA Washington encourages Career and Technical Education students and teachers to become highly capable to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce.  Competitions are supported by representatives of business, industry and organized labor.  SkillsUSA Washington also promotes the value of Career and Technical Education to the American Public.

Our philosophy is to reward students for excellence, to involve industry in directly evaluating student performance, and to provide training relevant to employer’s needs.  Business labor and management facilitate the contest by providing funding, personnel for judges and contest staff as needed, tools, supplies, technical expertise and awards for the winners.

General Regulations

  1. Competition Overview

It is our goal to have Technical Advisory Committees for Contests at the local and state level.  Chairpersons are from business, industry or organized labor.  Contest Coordinators are not experts in all contests and serve as a resource to the Technical Advisory Committees.  It is the Technical Advisory Committees and SkillsUSA Washington’s role is to find hosts and judges for contests.  In the event of not being able to find people qualified for this we will reach out to advisors to help host or judge a competition.  All advisors with students in a contest should be invited to participate to ensure fairness.  With advisors judging the competition, the contest coordinator will seek to find volunteers to help facilitate and oversee to ensure a fair judging process.  Contests at the regional and state level should be designed to meet SkillsUSA Technical Standards.  Due to time constraints, not all standards may be addressed in the regional and state contests but students should be prepared in all areas for the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skill Competitions.

  1. Membership and Eligibility for Competition

Any participant in SkillsUSA competitive events must be an active national and state SkillsUSA member.  Membership registration is due before students compete.

Students transferring from an out-of-state school should call the State SkillsUSA office to verify payment of dues.  Note:  Students need to pay state dues but will not be required to pay national dues again.  Students transferring to another Washington school should call the state office to verify payment of dues from the previous school.

Secondary students are students who are enrolled in a coherent sequence of courses or a career major that prepares the student for further education and/or employment related to trade and industry and skilled and technical sciences.  They must have been earning credit towards high school graduation during the school year preceding the State SkillsUSA Conference and must not reach their 21st birthday on or before date of competition.  Note:  Twenty-one is the maximum age for participants in interscholastic competition as established by WIAA.

Regarding State Level Contests, individuals may participate in more than one contest.  A student may compete in up to three contests.  (1) Technical Science Contest and either (2) Leadership Development Contests or (2) Occupationally Related Contests.  If not participating in a Skill Contest, individuals may participate in a combination of 3 leadership and occupationally related contests.  Individuals may participate in only one Technical Contest.

Regarding Regional Level Contests, consult your regional coordinator/s.

A participant in SkillsUSA competitive events must attend and be on time for all general and contest orientations.  A participant must arrive by the designated start time for the contest.  Failure to attend orientations or arrive on time for the contest will result in disqualification.   The lead judge may wave this requirement for on time arrival if it is due to transportation or illness.

At the national level, contestants may enter only ONE contest.  Contestants placing first in both a skill and leadership contest at the state level must select one contest to enter at the national level and notify SkillsUSA Washington State Office with the decision immediately following the State Awards Ceremony.

All team events must be composed of members in the same division, ie, secondary or post-secondary.

All contestants or participants must meet requirements set forth by SkillsUSA Washington.  All contestants or participants attending any SkillsUSA function must be accompanied by a school representative or an adult approved by the school.

III.  Registration for Competition

Membership must be completed at before any regional or state competitions.  It is the responsibility of the instructor/school to make sure each competitor is a paid SkillsUSA member.   Registrations for regional competitions will take place based on regional guidelines.  Contact regional coordinators for additional information.  Registration for state and national conferences takes place at   Enter accurate date of birth to access scores after state and national competitions.  Registration should not be delayed waiting on a school check or purchase order.  A contestant competing in multiple contests will pay only one registration free.  If needed, the online registration system allows you to print invoices separating advisors from students.  Checks should be made payable to SkillsUSA Washington for State and National Championships.

State Registration

Members serving as voting delegates or officer candidates pay only one registration fee.  If members are not competing, they may register as an observer. Chaperones may register as observers.  Alternates must be registered as observers if there is an opportunity to compete as the result of a drop or no show.  All contestants, voting delegates, courtesy corp members, chaperones and at least one advisor per school must be registered.  There will be no refunds for any cancellations after the designated due date set by the state office.   The public may attend the Awards Ceremony without registration.

It is the responsibility of the person registering to submit their invoice for a purchase order and get their invoice to their finance office.


District/Regional Registration

Each region will determine registration deadlines, registration fees and possible late fees.  Schools are responsible for the registration fees for all registered contestants.

  1. Substitutions for Competition

In the event a district/regional qualifier in unable to participate at the State Conference, the State SkillsUSA Office and Regional Coordinator/s should be notified immediately and the next highest placing contestant will be notified up to one week before the conference.  If there is no regional/district elimination competition, substitutions may be made until the designated date set by the state office.  There will be no onsite substitutions.  Substitutions may be made for team competitions as long as 50% of the original winning team is present at the state contest.  In all situations, it is the responsibility of the instructor/school to make sure each competitor is a paid SkillsUSA member.

  1. Professional Development Test and Contestant Resumes

Each contestant is required to take a Professional Development Knowledge Test.  The test is based on SkillsUSA knowledge and curriculum.  The test will be prepared by the SkillsUSA Washington Office and the results will be calculated as a tie breaker.

Every contestant competing at the state and national level is required to submit a resume.  There will be no scoring of the resumes but there will be a penalty of 5% if a contestant fails to submit a resume.  Resumes are encouraged at the regional/district level and may be required.

  1. Observer Rules

Observers at the district/regional and state level are subject to approval by the contest chair or judge.  No observers are allowed for Job Interview or Extemporaneous Speech.

If Observers are allowed, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Observers may only enter and leave the contest room at the designated time between contestants.
  • No cameras with flashes or recording devices are allowed without consent of contest chair.
  • No observers are allowed in holding or preparation room.
  • Observers must refrain from talking or gesturing (e.g. encouraging smiles, sitting up straight, waving medallions, etc.) during the actual competition. This will be considered assistance.
  • During the contest, participants must work independently, without assistance from judges, teachers, fellow students or observers. Contestants will be disqualified for receiving such assistance.


District/Regional and State Contests


  • Disqualification is the judge’s discretion. The contestant will be notified of disqualification and for what reason.
  • A contestant will be allowed to continue to compete and notified at completion. This will allow an opportunity to challenge or grieve a score.
  • Clothing Requirements


All students and advisors are to be in official dress or the specified option at opening session, delegate meetings, workshops and awards ceremony.  Anyone not wearing required dress may not be allowed entrance to events listed above.  SkillsUSA Washington Polo Shirts are allowed as Official Dress in Washington State only.  Polos may be purchased at the conference, sizes and colors limited.


Check dress requirements for specific contests so your students will not be penalized.


Women – Students & Advisors

Official Dress: White blouse, SkillsUSA polo shirt, SkillsUSA blazer or Washington or National jacket/sweater, black Carhartt jacket; black skirt/slacks; black sheer or skin-tone seamless nylons; black dress flats or heels.  Specified Option: Those who do not possess official dress shall wear a solid color dress, skirt/slacks, and blouse or sweater and dress shoes.


Men – Students & Advisors

Official Dress: White shirts, SkillsUSA polo shirt, black solid tie, SkillsUSA blazer or Washington/ National jackets/sweater, black Carhartt jacket, black slacks, black socks, black dress shoes. Specified Option: Solid color button shirt and tie, solid color slacks and belt, dress sock and dress shoes. Jacket optional.


Unless otherwise specified, ONLY approved attire will be worn at official functions. Skills contest attire shall be worn at other functions. The objective of the SkillsUSA dress standards is to project a sharp, professional image to business, industry, and the general public.  Each advisor and student has a responsibility to project the best image possible.


Hats are not to be worn during an official meeting or with official dress.  Jeans, cutoffs, tank tops, inappropriate t-shirts or revealing clothing shall not be worn at SkillsUSA activities and will cause you to be turned away at the door.


Check for contest clothing requirements.

  • Release of Contest Results

SkillsUSA Washington does not publish judge’s scores for all contestants.  You may login to to obtain your score.  Date of birth given at registration is needed to access scores.

  1. Donations and Awards

Awards and prizes shall not be solicited by SkillsUSA Washington.  When seeking donations, SkillsUSA Washington would prefer to obtain donations allowing for the decreased expense of Leadership Training (CISPUS), State Officer Training, State or National Conferences.  There should be no expectation of prizes for individual competitors.


SkillsUSA Washington will accept prizes from industry to give to competitors but will not seek out donations for this purpose.


There shall be no awards presented in cash by individuals or corporations.  Contributions of this type shall be made payable to SkillsUSA Washington for a specific item or travel.


The SkillsUSA Washington office has final authority as to what awards shall be given and to whom.

  1. Grievance Policy

SkillsUSA Washington will officially recognize only grievances filed by a SkillsUSA Advisor or the person responsible for a school delegation.  Problems are considered in the following matter:


District/Regional Contests

  • The advisor will file a written statement with the contest chairperson describing the incident in question and the violation of the specific SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standard regulation.
  • This written statement must be signed by the contestant’s advisor and filed with the contest chairperson on the day of the contest.
  • Immediate communication with contest chair person and regional coordinator

State Contests

The written statement must be signed by the contestant’s advisor and filed with the contest chairperson or at the Championships Scoring office by _______pm the day of the SkillsUSA Washington Championships.

The SkillsUSA Washington Championships Resolution Team Chairperson will review all grievances.  In the event the Resolution Team Chairperson cannot resolve a problem, the Resolution Team will rule on the validity of the complaint and decide on its disposition.

The decision of the judges is final.

Grievances should not be filed in reference to scoring.  Scoring by judges is final.  Scores will be checked by state staff in the event of a question and/or error.   Additional medals may be awarded, in no case will medals be removed.

  1. Code of Conduct at State Conference

All participants shall abide by all local school rules, practices and procedures.  All participants shall keep the designated school personnel informed of their activities and wherabouts at all times.  All participants shall attend all sessions and assigned activities.  All participants are responsible for knowing their own schedules as well as being prompt and prepared for all conference activities.


Name Badges

Name badges are needed for entry to all conference meetings, contests and events.  Replacement request for lost name badges must be made by an advisor in hotel headquarters.


Hotel and Safety

Official check-in time at each hotel will be published each year.  Schools will make housing arrangements with hotels.  Advisors must know which rooms their students are in.  Any charges incurred because of damage to guest rooms or extensive cleaning that might be needed will be the responsibility of the school.


Males are not allowed in females’ rooms, and females are not allowed in males’ rooms.


Tobacco, Vaping, Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited in any public areas by any high school student.  Tobacco or ecigarettes in any form is not permitted while wearing official attire by students or advisors. Use of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance is strictly prohibited by any conference attendee.  Violations are subject to immediate disciplinary action, which includes being sent home at the student’s expense.  Medals, trophies, ribbons, certificates and industry awards will not be awarded to violators.



Curfew each night is listed in the program and strictly enforced.  All students are expected to be in their assigned room by curfew.  Failure to comply may result in all students involved being send home immediately at their own expense.  Medals, trophies, ribbons, certificates and industry awards will not be awarded to violators.

  • Advisors Supervising Students during State Conference

Before Conference

Use appropriate school procedures to make hotel reservations and transportation.  SkillsUSA Membership includes personal Liability and Medical Release form, the Code of Conduct, the Release of Personal Information, and the Photography and Sound Release agreement.  By checking the box, members agreed to abide by these in their entirety, accept the conditions of the agreements, and completely release SkillsUSA national and state associations.


Conference Arrival

It is the advisor’s responsibility to pick up registration packets and verify contents.


Whatever method you use, make sure students know you are responsible to know their whereabouts.  If students are not accounted for at curfew, ask all students when/where missing person(s) were last seen and what their plans were.  If students not found, notify hotel security, designated school personnel and SkillsUSA Washington Director.  Contact appropriate school officials and parents to make arrangements to send student home.


Conference Departure

Check out time is defined by the hotel.  Please check out with the front desk.  Advisors should inspect student rooms for damages, cleanliness, etc.  Each school will be responsible for unpaid charges left on account at checkout and any property damage in their assigned rooms.