Please review the following document:

Cabinetmaking Contest 2019 WA


The following are tools and equipment the contestants must bring to the Cabinetmaking Skills Contest.  Please ID and keep track of your tools.


Tool list for Cabinetmaking :

Claw hammer

Safety glasses

Hearing protection

Measuring tape

Square any type


Block plane

Utility knife

Four bar clamps 18 inch opening

One set ¼ to 1” chisels

KREG jig with square drive bit and 50 KREG JIG screws l ¼ and  1 ½ each.

Electric or battery hand drill with Kreg Jig drill bit

Router (trim type or what you have)  1/8 round over bit ,1 inch flush trim bit

Sander  and 100 & 120 grit to fit your sander.

Sanding block

Pneumatic Nailer 1 and 1 ¼ nails

Air compressor

10 “ or 11” flat bastard file.

I roll 1’ blue tape

Small container of  wood filler, putty knife


Tech Standards


We are looking for Hosts, Judges and Volunteers for the 2021 State Conference.

If you are interested please sign up here!