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Additive Manufacturing

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SkillsUSA 2019 – Additive Manufacturing State Challenge – Heads to Tails


The goal of the 2019 SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing State Competitions is to challenge competitors at that state level and send the best prepared students to compete at the National Competition in June. Each year’s suggested state competition focuses on an additive manufacturing design with strict requirements on form, fit, and function of compact and intricate designs similar to nationals. 

The below contests have been designed with the upcoming National Competition in mind and are designed to challenge students understanding of and skills in Additive Manufacturing. 

This year’s contest challenges students to design a 3D-printed device to flip an un-modified U.S. quarter) from heads to tails. They will need to design a device that fits into the testing rig and performs a specific task. They will also need to use their 3D printing knowledge to design a part that prints within the specified build volume, materials and times specified. 


As we work to plan the national Additive Manufacturing Competition we wanted to equip you and your state teams with the tools you need to run a solid state competition that will help you nominate a strong team to compete at nationals.


  1. Attached to this email is a editable state level competition for you to run this year. The challenge gives you everything you need from student rules, to a link to a 3D printable testing rig for student evaluation.. It also gives you ideas on elements to be sure to include (like the engineering notebook) and use of free CAM software  – GrabCAD print for students to prepare their files.  Insider Tip: it also usually connects in some way to nationals each year.  If you have ANY questions about this or would like help from a LOCAL Stratasys partner, please reach out to your reseller or reply back to me.


  1. We also find that competitors do best when they know what to expect out of nationals. Last year we were lucky enough to be able to interview student teams and put together a video, that you can share with your educators and state competitors. If any of you ran the tree branch challenge at states you will see the connection here to the national challenge re: organic shapes. Access it here:


  1. PRACTICE! Additionally, we often get requests for access to challenges where students can work on their skills. Throughout the year we host many within the GrabCAD community. Extreme Redesign is one just for students it is open till the end of February and you can access details about it here:–2  or


Thank you again for all you do to help build the skills of our future.

We are looking for Hosts, Judges and Volunteers for the 2021 State Conference.

If you are interested please sign up here!