Additive Manufacturing


Refer to the Technical Standards Listed below

2018 SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing State Contest



  1. Advisor: How high should I mount the tree off the ground? The measurement to the bottom of the tree mounting flange would be all I need to set this up.

I have mine mounted on a 2X6 about 40” tall.  There is no constraint on how tall it can be mounted and can be moved up or down to accommodate a team’s design.

  1. Team 2: Can we use the grooves in the connection area?

Yes, the red outline goes to the midpoint of the groove.

  1. Team 2: Do we have to use both branches or can we just use 1?

As long as it is within the red zone, you can use one or both.

  1. Team 1: Are we only designing the fixture up top on the branch or are we creating the fixture, the

chain and the tire?

The mounted branch, chain and tire will be provided, the team is responsible for everything eles.

  1. Team 1: Is the 6 oz weight is the weight of the tire, or does the tire need to hold a weight of 6 oz?

The Tire is about 6 oz, the chain will be about 1 oz.

  1. Team 1: How big does the tire need to be?

The Tire is 3.5” Diameter, 1.25” wide, and it is 3D printed.

Team 1: Does our fixture need to use both branches or just need to hook on in the area outlined/only one branch?

Answered above.

  1. Team 1: Are we allowed to utilize the notches on the branches? Or are those for only designating the connection area?

Answered above

  1. Team 1: Does the chain have to measure 12in long before or after the tire and the fixture is connected to the chain?

The Chain is 12” long.