Executive Director Message

A message from the Executive Director

I continue to be so impressed with our students.  When I travel across the state and to Kentucky for NLSC I continually hear what amazing students we have.  Our students are engaged, respectful and excited to share their experience in SkillsUSA.  Thanks to all our advisors for taking the time to be a part of shaping these young lives.

We are fortunate to have Debbie Peabody from SkillsUSA and Adam Scroggins providing SkillsUSA Training November 18th at Yakima Valley Tech.  Contact Denny Wallace at dennis.wallace@k12.wa.us or 360-725-6241.  You’ll receive excellent resources!

We continue to make improvements to our organization.  We’ve made updates to our by-laws, constitution and competition policies.  The competition policies should be seen as guideline for best practices at the regional and state level.   I believe each of these documents are works in progress and should be continually reviewed.

Our membership continues to grow as we add new chapters across our state.  To those new programs, welcome!  I hope you will reach out for support and that our experienced advisors can share what works for their schools and communities.

I am excited for our move to Yakima for our state conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Moe Broom and Brandon Hirst will coordinate our technical contests and Debby Evans our leadership contests.  Our contest coordination team is already working hard to ensure quality contests for our state competitions.

Adam Scroggins will continue as an official state certified SkillsUSA Trainer. Adam was certified to provide this training and continues to get excellent reviews providing training to advisors across the state. Feel free to request training in your area.

Karmen Ayres and Riley Johnson, State Officer Trainers, are continuing to help work with our State Officer’s and have planned out some great training and community service projects to develop their leadership skills and plan our state conference.

Continued thanks to our regional coordinators Ray & Linda Cyr (Central), Brandon Hirst (Eastern), Keith Kuniyasu (Olympic), Adam Scroggins and Joani Bishop (Puget Sound), Riley Johnson and Karmen Ayres (Southwest) and our Board of Directors.  Welcome Teri Bravomejia to the Puget Sound team!

Please contact me at tlufkin@comcast.net if you have any questions or concerns.